How would you like to have the knowledge and skills to train future beauty professionals?

Many experienced cosmetologists enjoy the challenge, rewards and benefits of teaching future professionals. The Strand Institute offers a distinguished educator program for licensed cosmetologists. The Strand Institute’s specialized Cosmetology Instructor Courses provide everything you need to be an exceptional beauty school educator which includes:

  • Educational techniques using our exclusive curriculum
  • Instructional techniques to help you guide a classroom
  • Training to help you develop lesson plans and team-building methods with your students

The Strand Institute Education Group is growing fast. And we have a continuing need for capable educators. In fact . . .

We have recently updated our Cosmetology Instructor Classes to provide specific training for employment with The Strand Institute. You’ll be able to meet licensing requirements for The Strand Institute.

Our vision is to see our cosmetology graduates become our future educators. The Strand Institute graduates have the passion and commitment to make our industry and our cosmetology schools better.

The Strand Institute educators bring excitement and motivation into our classrooms and create opportunities for our students to use their beauty school skills to improve people’s lives. The Strand Institute takes great pride in the success of our students and our educators are the key to that success.

Cosmetology Instructor Program Time Commitment: 500 Hours
The approximate time for completion of the Cosmetology Instructor Courses is 22 weeks part time and 14 weeks for the full time students.

Course completion dates are subject to attending 20 hours per week for the part time students or 35 hours per week for full time students. This rigorous class schedule and hands-on training makes us one of the premiere beauty, nail, and esthetics schools in South Texas.

Academic weeks are defined as actual weeks in attendance excluding holidays, school breaks, and inclement weather days.

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In-House and other financing options available.