Eyelash Extension

the strand institute eye lashes class

The objective of the Lash Extension course is to develop a basic knowledge of the anatomy, disorders and diseases of the eyes. Students will learn proper sanitation practices along with proper client preparation, protection and application of individual lash fibers to the lashes. 
The purpose of the Lash Extension program is to develop the knowledge and skills in the practice of applying individual lash extensions that are necessary for success on the state board exams as well as to gain employment within the beauty industry. 
If you are looking to join an expanding industry of lash professionals and embark on your journey in the beauty industry in an ever-growing niche of a field that has already surpassed a market value of $1.4 billion dollars as of 2022 according to Precision Business Insights, then this is the school for you. While other schools focus on just numbers and students passing state boards, here at The Strand Institute we go above and beyond to make sure you not only pass your written and practical test but to make sure you have the skills you need to excel and advance in your career. 
As a Lash Technician you can enjoy a fun and exciting career that you are in-control of! Some of the long-term benefits are, to eventually become your own boss, own your own salon, setting your own hours and being in control of the money you are able to make!
Some of the benefits of becoming a part of the Strand family, is not only the continued support we give even after graduation including continuing education, open to all Strand students past and present. But also, the added benefit of receiving guidance and help with employment once you have become fully licensed. 
We are a NovaLash partnership school and provide our students with only the best high-end, quality and professional NovaLash Kit filled with everything you need to start your lash journey.  As a Strand student you will also receive a classic lash certification from NovaLash as an added bonus to your license. You will receive the tools needed to start your schooling journey on the path to success. We will show you the fundamentals of not only basic lashing but also, hybrid lashing, volume lashes, Mapping, eye shapes and MUCH more! 
The Lash Extension Course is 320hrs. We offer several different schedule options like, full time, part time and half time. You can complete the course in less than 9 weeks as a full-time student. 

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In-House and other financing options available.