the strand institute barber classes

Your skill and drive for hair will grow as you master basic, contemporary and advanced techniques in barbering. The Strand Institute’s comprehensive Class A Barber course will teach you to:

  • Use the latest trends in hair cutting, shaving and design for men, women and children
  • Master hair texture concepts and create the haircut or style that will please every guest
  • Provide mustache and beard care, as well as some esthetic skin care procedures
  • Develop marketing and communication skills to attract loyal salon clients and build your business through positive word of mouth—all while serving guests

Our Barber courses cover these areas and more:

Hair Design
Hair designers are craftspeople who visualize, imagine and construct styles using hair as their medium. They are educators and perpetual students who share knowledge, skills and design interpretations.

Hair Cutting
Learn about the latest tools, techniques, and haircutting trends. You will learn the principals of haircutting as well as how to build and maintain a book of clients. This course will also cover the training of advanced men’s haircutting.

Color & Texture
Haircoloring is both a science and an art. At The Strand Institute you will learn both the science and art of haircoloring. The program teaches how to determine a clients current hair color, how to create new colors, salon safety, and more. Several hands on lab projects will help you master the art and science of haircoloring.

Razor Techniques and Skin Care
The care and upkeep of facial hair is an important skill set for all barbers to have. In this course you will learn advanced techniques with razor, along with the skin care practices to care for facial hair. By understanding these skills The Strand Institute graduates have opportunities to even more career possibilities.

Business/Retail Training
The Strand Institute students learn the basics of the cosmetology business. The curriculum includes resume creation, job search, and more. Many of our graduates aspire to one day own their own salon, at The Strand Institute we teach the skill set needed to do so.

Class A Barber Course Time Commitment: 1000 Hours The approximate time for completion of the Barber course is 46 weeks part time and 30 weeks for the full time students.

Course completion dates are subject to attending 22 hours per week for the part time students or 34 hours per week for full time students. This rigorous class schedule and hands-on training makes us one of the premiere beauty, nail, and esthetics schools in South Texas.

Academic weeks are defined as actual weeks in attendance excluding holidays, school breaks, and inclement weather days.

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